SEO and social networking

SEO and social networking
SEO has evolved through the ages. The modern SEO is no longer an in-house matter for major businesses. There are so many tools, techniques and SEO principles. The web platform, technology, approaches and almost everything related to the online world has changed and still keeps evolving rapidly.

With so many changes taking place like the updates in the search engine spider algorithms, and with the latest SEO tools and proprietary web themes emerging, the need for implementing lasting and effective SEO methods has become a must for domains to maintain consistency on the web. The internet is becoming more and more personalized and the search engines are doing their best to maximize the web user experience by meeting their requirements with much precision as possible.

The evolving web therefore has demoted the traditional SEO practices and demands more user friendly approaches for the domains to gain attention. As much as the webmasters are keen on getting their pages ranking on the SERPs, the search engines are interested in providing their best service to the users. The search engines keep on modifying their spider algorithms so that the underhand tactics will not work anymore. The bots have no intuition to derive what a user has in mind when using the search engine; neither does it have the ability to evaluate phrases like a human being. Therefore there is always a technical compromise in the whole evaluation process. Thus they keep on updating their algorithms trying to match the content they rank to what’s on users’ mind as much as possible. They also try to rule out the obvious technical advantages that some domains may have over others. One such example technical advantage was the exact match domain, but some search engines have updated their algorithms to handle this.

The advent of social media has created vast changes in the web market and they act as superb platforms for search engine optimization. In the following paragraphs I would like to discuss how the social media can be used in SEO.

The social media can be used to generate strong ideas for your content. The primary demand of today’s digital marketing is quality content. Quality content always grabs a lot of organic traffic. Mediocre content and a lot manufactured backlinks are no longer best SEO practices. Just like a quality song would spread like wildfire, high quality content can make people raving fans. People would love to share such content with their friends on the social networks. Social media can also used as platforms to share your links. You can build your own networks and tie your blogs to social media. Search engines have incorporated social indicators like (likes, shares and views) into their ranking algorithms making social platform critical in SEO.

For the reasons aforementioned and predicting the future trends and influences of social media on the SEO and web marketing. It’s very important for the webmasters to maintain an excellent social presence from now itself. The social media is an expanding field, and given its highly personalized nature, the likelihood of the future search engines depending more on the social signals seems almost an inevitable reality.

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